Sept 17-19, 2019
Parsippany, New Jersey Hilton Hotel

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AbovChem LLC
Accela ChemBio
Adesis, Inc.
Advion, Inc.
Amano Enzyme USA
AMSA S.p.A. / Cosma S.p.A.
Angelini Fine Chemicals
APC Process
Ardena - Pharmavize NV
Avara Pharma Services
Avista Pharma Solutions
CatSci Ltd
Central Glass Germany/Synquest Labs
Chem-Stone Co., Ltd.
Chemicals Knowledge Hub
Chemistry Today - Teknoscienze
Chiral Quest
CompareNetworks, Inc.
Daikin Chemical Europe
Drug Discovery Alliances
Fuji Chemical Industries USA
HD Biosciences
Indena SpA
IntelliSyn Pharma
International Process Plants-IPP
J-Star Research
Jinan Enlighten Biotechnology CO.,LTD.
Key Organics
Lacamas Labs
LGC Standards
Liaoning Pharm
PCI Synthesis
Sara Pharm Solutions
Shanghai LinkChem
Shiono Finesse, Ltd.
Sinocompound Catalysts
SK Life Sciences
Solara Active Pharma Sciences
Solid Form Solutions
Specialty Chemicals Magazine
Sundia MediTech Company, Ltd.
Syngene International
Viva Biotech Ltd
Wuxi STA
Zach System
Zhejiang Langhua Pharmaceutical

AbovChem LLC, Booth 76

Accela ChemBio, Booth 53

Adesis, Inc., Booth 68

Advion, Inc., Booth 49

Amano Enzyme USA, Booth 85

AMSA S.p.A. / Cosma S.p.A., Booth 84

Angelini Fine Chemicals, Booth 13 [ company website ]

Angelini Fine Chemicals is the chemical division of the Italian pharmaceutical Group Angelini fully dedicated to GMP third party manufacturing of APIs, IMs and NCEs for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Our R&D labs and plants are fuelled by 50 years of dedication for chemistry and span a vast range of technologies ensuring to resolve complex chemistry and scale-up issues in advancing clinical and drug development programs.

Angelini Fine Chemicals' "make-chemistry"

APC Process, Booth 15 [ company website ]

APC accelerates product development through innovative process development solutions, across all clinical phases and addresses post-market challenges irrespective of the therapeutic area. APC combines innovative technologies ranging from Process Modelling, automated lab reactors and Process Analytical Technology with in-house developed capabilities in continuous processing, process control and advanced analytics to empower the development of synthetic and biologic medicines.

Ardena - Pharmavize NV, Booth 11 [ company website ]

We are Ardena: a reputed contract partner delivering drug development, manufacturing, logistics and bioanalytical services to pharmaceutical customers globally. In parallel, we work with you to compile your regulatory dossier and to fast track your product towards compliance. Every day, we guide companies through the hurdles and challenges of drug development. Our integrated service offering helps to streamline the drug's progress to clinic and beyond.

Avara Pharma Services, Booth 57 [ company website ]

Avara Pharmaceutical Services delivers world class contract manufacturing and technical services to the biopharmaceutical market. Our experience with supply chain, commercialization, product launch and product transfer allows us to sustain exemplary levels of product quality and regulatory compliance. We pride ourselves on our outstanding level of customer service. In addition, we are driven to deliver, your brand, on time, in full and at a fair price. Our extensive experience of supply ranges from the U.S. to international markets. Our Manufacturing and Packaging capabilities include oral solid dosage, API, packaging and a high-containment module.

Avista Pharma Solutions, Booth 16

Axyntis, Booth 89 [ company website ]

Axyntis, French CMO with 6 GMP manufacturing sites in France, offers a broad range of chemistry and technologies, making it a reliable partner, with experienced teams.

BioVectra, Booth 60 [ company website ]

BioVectra offers contract development and manufacturing capacity for intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from four North American cGMP facilities. With 45 years of experience, we are a reliable and innovative partner – specializing in complex chemistries and cGMP microbial fermentation.

+ Drug Development Partnerships

+ Complex Chemistry

+ High Potency APIs

+ Microbial Fermentation

+ MPEG Reagents/Conjugation

+ Four North American Facilities

Cambrex, Booth 02

Cambrex is an innovative life sciences company that provides pharmaceutical products, expertise and technologies that accelerate small molecule therapeutics into markets across the world.

With over 35 years of API development and manufacturing expertise, Cambrex is tried and trusted across branded and generic API markets

Carbosynth, Booth 131

CatSci Ltd, Booth 120 [ company website ]

CatSci is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that offers a range of process research and development services to emerging, mid-sized and large pharma worldwide. Having spun-out of AstraZeneca in 2010 as a catalyst screening service, CatSci has expanded its offerings over the past eight years due to the increased demand for the outsourcing of services by the pharma industry. The company now acts as a trusted and reliable partner to also address route design, process development and optimisation, scale-up and non-GMP material supply to support late-stage lead optimisation through to product launch.

Central Glass Germany/Synquest Labs, Booth 30

Central Glass Germany is dedicated to process development, upscaling and production of active ingredients and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. It operates a FDA and EU inspected facility in Halle-Künsebeck, which it acquired from Girindus in June 2008. An experienced and highly skilled team of organic chemists and support functions, such as analytical specialists and QA/QC team, ensure success and high quality of our projects.

Chem-Stone Co., Ltd., Booth 100

Chemicals Knowledge Hub, Booth 78

Chemistry Today - Teknoscienze, Booth 44

Chiral Quest, Booth 98

Chiral Quest is a US-based company founded in 2000 and Jiangxi Long Life was founded in 2009 near Nanchang, China. In May 2012 Chiral Quest and Long Life merged to form a single company. Chiral Quest Suzhou is focused on R&D and pilot plant operations and Chiral Quest Long Life is focused on commercial scale manufacture. The combined company has more than 100,000 L of manufacturing capacity, with expertise in high pressure asymmetric hydrogenation and cryogenic reactions. The company has successful

CompareNetworks, Inc., Booth 101

Daikin Chemical Europe, Booth 20 [ company website ]

Daikin has been a world leader in the development, manufacture and sales of fluoropolymers and chemistry since 1924. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Daikin is renowned for innovation, quality and commitment. As the world changes, Daikin is meeting the challenges with technology that makes a difference. We have been in the forefront of the fluorocarbon industry not just with constant innovation in the products we develop, but the service and support behind them.

Daikin’s fluoropolymers and chemicals, with their wide range of unique properties and Daikin’s products are ideally suited for use in aerospace, architecture, automotive, consumer cookware, energy storage, filtration, home goods, industry, medical, nonwovens, optics & displays, paper & packaging, oil & gas, renewable energy, semiconductor, textile & fabric treatments and wire & cable.


DavosPharma, Booth 99

We provide custom chemistry (novel raw materials, GMP intermediates, regulatory starting materials & APIs) and custom dosage forms (parenterals and orals), with supporting development, analytics, stability and regulatory documentation. We have successfully leveraged thirty-seven years of custom manufacturing experience, forming global strategic alliances with well-vetted, cGMP custom manufacturers in the EU, North America and Asia. Our expertise enables us to match your particular need with the suppl

Domainex, Booth 29 [ company website ]

Domainex is Europe’s fastest growing fully integrated drug discovery service company. Based near Cambridge, UK, with offices in Boston, MA and San Diego, CA, we work with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and patient foundations globally. Domainex provides highly efficient and well considered scientific solutions to enable successful drug discovery programmes against a wide range of targets. Our highly experienced molecular biologists, medicinal, computation and analytical chemists have a strong success record in drug discovery, delivering an average of one candidate drug every year.

Drug Discovery Alliances, Booth 129

Escientia, Booth 81 [ company website ]

Based in South Windsor, CT, Escientia is a privately-owned global contract research, development and manufacturing services organization serving pharma and biotech companies. The company was founded and operated by professionals of all disciplines, who over the last 25 years have made significant contributions in the commercialization of many well-known Pharmaceutical products. In Q1/2017, Escientia completed the construction and commissioning of a new state-of-the-art cGMP commercial manufacturing facility designed to handle both non-potent and highly potent APIs (HPAPI), with capacity for both clinical and commercial chemical APIs. The facility is automated with an Emerson Delta-V distributed control system with significant data acquisition and control capabilities for assuring product quality, data integrity and operator safety. Escientia’s core strengths in science are in the design and development of novel commercial routes, asymmetric synthesis using organo-metallic catalysts and biocatalysts, heterogeneous and homogeneous catalytic hydrogenations, continuous reaction technologies, low temperature reactions, highly potent intermediates and APIs (HPAPI) and hazardous reactions. 

Exeris, Booth 32

Farmispania, Booth 83

Fuji Chemical Industries USA, Booth 27

Fuji Chemical Industry is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer with cGMP facilities for production of API, spray drying and finished dosage forms. We have particular expertise in spray drying which can be used to improve API properties and develop amorphous solid dispersions for increased drug solubility and bioavailability. We have world-class capabilities developed over decades of experience and offer customized services to support projects from early-stage development through commercial production

HD Biosciences, Booth 23

Hikal, Booth 50

HISUN PHARMACEUTICALS USA, Booth 132 [ company website ]

Hisun Pharmaceuticals USA is an emerging pharmaceutical company committed to the development, manufacture and commercialization of pharmaceutical products for the US market, with a focus on APIs, Generics, Specialty and Animal Health Products. Hisun USA also provides contract manufacturing services (CMO) and contract development and manufacturing services (CDMO), through its parent company, Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China, and top exporter of API to North and South America, Europe, and Asia as well as many other countries worldwide. Hisun offers both non-GMP and GMP quality intermediates, APIs, Biologics including antibodies and ADCs, and finished dose pharmaceuticals.

Indena SpA, Booth 70 [ company website ]

Indena is an Italian company specialized in the isolation, purification, semi-synthesis and bulk-manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients from natural sources.

Significant company resources are invested in developing innovative and environmentally benign processes.  A global leader in its fields, Indena today also supplies research expertise and manufacturing capability for cytotoxics and HPAIs.

IntelliSyn Pharma, Booth 109 [ company website ]

IntelliSyn Pharma is a med chem, synthesis, and biology-focused group that spun out following the closure of AstraZeneca’s Montreal Research site.  90% of our staff have Ph.Ds, most with 10-15 years’ experience.  We work with clients to provide innovative problem solving and efficient project advancement. 

Since beginning in 2012, our scientists have been named as co-inventors on 16 patent applications and have identified 3 clinical candidates for our clients.  We provide support and innovation on a flexible basis.  Our location in Canada allows generous tax credits; thus, we can work on a very cost effective basis compared with other North American or European groups.

International Process Plants-IPP, Booth 26

J-Star Research, Booth 134

J-STAR Research, J-STAR, based in South Plainfield, NJ is capable of tackling some of the most challenging chemistry problems in the industry including developing optimal synthetic routes, process research, scale up, synthesis of metabolites and impurities, developing novel synthetic strategies and cGMP manufacturing. The company was founded by a Dr. Andrew Thomson from Merck over ten years ago.

Jinan Enlighten Biotechnology CO.,LTD., Booth 39

Enlighten Biotechnology is your full-service partner in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates. The company has a R&D center, 3 production bases, and import and export rights. We look forward to establishing long-term mutual beneficial cooperation with customers and business partners.

Key Organics, Booth 10 [ company website ]

Key Organics is a leading UK-based chemistry CRO providing a range of discovery, research and development services to the international life sciences industries. With over 26 years' experience, we can offer customers an integrated service from computational drug design through to hit-to-lead optimisation and late stage development services. We offer our Services expertise on a custom or FTE basis.

As the exclusive owners of BIONET, we can back-integrated to a proprietary collection of over 100,000 intermediates, fragments, biochemicals and building blocks. All are available ex stock and in >95% purity with same day dispatch.

Lacamas Labs, Booth 77

LGC Standards, Booth 58

Liaoning Pharm, Booth 105

Founded In 1985, Liaoning Pharm are one state-owned enterprise with rights of foreign contract and GSP is specializing in: 

  1. Handling chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food additives, feed additives, plant extract, veterinary materials, intermediates and health products.
  2. Undertaking economic-technical cooperation of chemical and pharmaceutical line.
  3. Wholesale of chemicals and drugs.
  4. Marketing medical apparatus.


Lonza, Booth 65 [ company website ]

Lonza Pharma & Biotech provides global contract development and manufacturing services that enable pharma and biotech companies to bring medical innovations to patients in need. We are recognized for our technology platforms, innovative product and process design, problem-solving and extensive experience in advancing and commercializing promising molecules. Our technologies are closely aligned with today’s formulation challenges with exceptional capabilities in addressing bioavailability challenges, specialized drug delivery, and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient (HPAPI) development and manufacture.

Phase-appropriate manufacturing is in place for rapid feasibility assessments, early and late stage clinical trials and commercial manufacturing across our product offering: early and advanced intermediates, API / HPAPI, particle-engineered drug product intermediates, and specialized finished dosage forms. Integrated design, development and manufacturing capabilities provides the option of working with one partner throughout the drug development cycle accelerating timelines and reducing program complexity and risk.

We have helped to commercialize pioneering therapies and we continuously invest and innovate to meet your expectations also for future medicines. Our belief is that the best outcome – for you and for your patients – comes as a result of a successful collaboration. Together, we can solve the next challenge and bring your next medicine to life.

Moravek, Booth 60 [ company website ]

Over its 35 year history, Moravek Biochemicals & Radiochemicals has successfully completed over 2,000 custom carbon-14 radiolabeling projects, with a 99% rate of success. Custom synthesis is carried out by an exceptionally capable team including 9 Ph.D. and 7 M.Sc. radiochemists. We manufacture APIs and Drug Products under Drug Manufacturing License from California Department of Public Health and have passed quality audits by Merck and other major pharmaceutical companies with no observed violations. 

Custom labeling, custom synthesis, custom radiolabeling, cGMP, GMP, GLP, Radiochemistry, Radiolabeling, Radiochemicals, carbon-14, C14, tritium labeling, tritiation, radiochemistry, radiosynthesis, API, active pharmaceutical ingredients, clinical trials, 3H, drug product, analysis, analytical, radio-GMP, radio-cGMP

OmegaChem, Booth 42

PCAS, Booth 67

PCI Synthesis, Booth 67

PharmaBlock, Booth 04

PharmaBlock R&D Co. Ltd. specializes in the development of innovative druglike scaffolds and building blocks. We provide world-class quality chemistry services including custom synthesis, lead generation/optimization and process development. We currently have 80 chemists including several Ph.D.s from US. Our laboratories are well equipped with the state-of-the-art instruments such as Biotage microwave synthesizers, Bruker 400 MHz NMR and Agilent 1200 LC/MS. Our goal is to help our customers acceler

Sara Pharm Solutions, Booth 127

Servier, Booth 71

Servier is a global pharma company that has commercialized more than 50 molecules over the last 60 years. We are selling our products in 140+ countries and we invest, each year, 25% of the turnover in innovation and R&D. The business unit "Servier CDMO" was created to bring this expertise to the companies looking for quality, reliability and exibility in their projects. We can cover all the phases from the clinical supply to the manufacturing for drug substance and drug product. The network of 11 facilities across the world with a reliable supply chain can deliver to the partner the benefit of our experience and resources.

Shanghai LinkChem, Booth 12

LinkChem is a leading China headquartered CMO | CRO provider within the pharmaceutical industry. Our core focus includes: custom synthesis, process development, and manufacturing of key intermediates, peptides and RSM. At LinkChem we support the virtually integrated pharma company with unparralled expertise throughout the entire product lifecycle. We collaborate with both Pharmaceutical and Generic companies from drug development to commercialization

Shiono Finesse, Ltd., Booth 64 [ company website ]

Shiono Finesse offers API contract manufacturing services and related services including custom synthesis, process development, and analytical services. Our manufacturing facility is GMP-compliant and has been regularly inspected by the FDA as well as other health authorities. We have a capacity for full range manufacturing, from gram-scale of investigational drug development to metric tons of commercial products. The high quality services we render are supported by our advanced technology and fully implemented quality assurance system. We have long experience in contract manufacturing with many customers.

Sinocompound Catalysts, Booth 112 [ company website ]

Sinocompound focuses on metal catalysts and ligands.

Our research and development team is comprised of several PhD chemists from renowned American research institutes. With over 10 years of experience, we have gained rich experience in metal catalysts and ligands. Our homogeneous catalyst products include complexes containing palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, nickel, copper, zirconium, etc. Our ligands are mainly based on phosphorus, nitrogen, oxygen, and chiral ligand

SK Life Sciences, Booth 37

Solara Active Pharma Sciences, Booth 25

Solid Form Solutions, Booth 16

Solid Form Solutions is a world leading contract research organization (CRO) providing the pharmaceutical industry with polymorph, salt and co-crystallisation screening services. Our services also include crystallisation development, particle development as well as basic physical properties / developability characterisation. Our aim is to be flexible, understand our client’s solid form problems and recommend workable solutions. Whether our expertise is required to deliver a solid form screening pr

Specialty Chemicals Magazine, Booth 103

Sundia MediTech Company, Ltd., Booth 133

Syngene International, Booth 118

Syngene International Limited is an India-based global Contract Research Organization offering a suite of integrated, end-to-end discovery and development services for novel molecular entities across small and large molecules, antibody-drug conjugates and oligonucleotides. Its nearly 300 global clientele covers diverse sectors including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemicals, consumer health, animal health, cosmetic and nutrition companies. The Company's integrated discovery and development platforms support organizations conduct discovery (from hit to candidate selection), development (including pre-clinical and clinical studies, analytical and bio-analytical evaluation, formulation development and stability studies) and pilot manufacturing (scale-up, pre-clinical and clinical supplies) with a distinctive economic advantage.

Uetikon, Booth 67

Viva Biotech Ltd, Booth 58

Wuxi STA, Booth 47

Zach System, Booth 125

Zach System, FDA inspected site located in France, excellent track record. API manufacturer including corticosteroids, special excipients, RSM. Handling API with OEL 1 µg / m3 — OEB 4. R&D team (20 people), Kilolab, Pilot Plant. Special technologies: Hydride Reduction, Lithiation, Cryogenic Reaction, Birch, Diels-Alder, Ozonolysis, Grignard. Hydrogenation: 400L, 1000L (5 bars), 2*4000L (12 bars).Special handling: LAH, DMS, DES, Acetylene, KCN, NaCN, Li or Na in liq. Ammonia, AIBN. Speci

Zhejiang Langhua Pharmaceutical, Booth 115