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Sept 3-6, 2024

Parsippany NJ Hilton

RSM, CRO/CDMO, ProcChem, SpecChem, Analytical, I/Mediates, Machinery, CMC/API, DrugProd, Contract Mfg, Gene/Cell, Biologics, Oligos, Peptides

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Welcome to the Investment Hub at chemoutsourcing, where we connect savvy investors with cutting-edge companies in the chemical industry. Dive into a world of innovation and opportunity, and discover your next investment success story.

Explore a Spectrum of Opportunites
  • Emerging Startups: Get in on the ground floor with startups revolutionizing chemical processes, materials, technologies.
  • Growth-stage Companies: Amplify your portoflio with companies on the cusp of major market breakthroughs.
  • Research Ventures: Invest in cutting-edge research projects with the potential to redefine industry standards.

2023 Highlights

Keynote speaker: Stefan Loren, PhD
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